Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter was pretty quiet...

Easter was meant to be spent camping, but instead we spent most of it in bed. Between my ankle injury and Bride-to-be's bad back, we just lay low!

My ankle was quite a lot better, so I drove to a shop, and took Bride-to-Be with me, hobbling along to buy her Easter gift from my family (a TV series DVD which we've since been watching). As we hobbled through the shop - her with her walking stick and me with my compression bandage on my ankle - I said we probably looked like we'd been in an accident together. It's simply bad timing that we were both injured at the same time.

Despite the lack of excitement, Easter Sunday was a good day, ruined only because Bride-to-Be threw out my chocolate bunny! I ate most of a Crunchie bunny throughout the day yesterday. Tidied up a little - she handed me rubbish to put in the bin. Later I looked for my bunny and it turned out she had accidentally thrown it out! (I had the chocolate all piled up in the foil). At least she had one to share with me to make up for it....

All in all we have a lovely time being together - lots of reading and DVD watching, so it didn't matter we missed our camping trip

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