Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our great big double wedding

After work yesterday, Bride to be and I went to the shops to pick up the last two bridesmaid dresses. We bought them from a boutique, rather than a bridal outlet. Technically they're cocktail dresses, or something like that. In fact, they're so cute and casual that one of the two saleswomen had one on when we were picking them up! They're well-priced, flattering, in a variety of sizes and perfect for a beach wedding, I reckon.

She said "oh they're beautiful dresses, I love mine."
"They're our bridesmaid dresses," I said proudly. She smiled, but obviously thought I meant that Bride-to-be and I were bridesmaids.
"Oh, lovely, who is getting married?" she asked.
"We are," I smiled, gesturing toward my girl.
"Oh," the woman stumbled with her words, "oh, you're both getting married?"
"Yes," I said, proudly.

Bride-to-be said she thinks the woman was confused. Surely two woman wouldn't be marrying one another, it must be a double wedding! The other saleswoman simply looked...embarrassed.

I don't say it for shock value or attention, or even to make a political statement. I was asked a question, I answered it honestly. I'm excited, I'm proud, and I want to enjoy my engagement by being giggly and excited when I talk to our wedding vendors... because I'm getting married, I'm a bride, and that's the way it should be.

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