Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dream a little dream for me

Last night I had a dream that I went to some kind of club that only married people were allowed into (what, the?!). You had to show your marriage certificate upon arrival, so I showed them my commitment certificate. They told me I wasn't allowed in, but while I was standing there, a bundle of people I know who are married, were allowed through the door.

"I have a wife," I said.
"Yeah, well show me your marriage certificate".
'This is all I have," I gestured to my certificate again.
"It doesn't count. Tell me a good reason you're not married."
"I'm not allowed to marry the person I love. And secondly, I'm technically still married in the eyes of the Church."
"Oh, well then I'll let you in," he said, "as you're married, technically".

I told him to stick his little marriage club. "Your viewing my previous marriage as something more serious that this, which is my REAL marriage?! It may not be legal, but it means a hell of a lot more to me, a*ss!"

And so I walked off, refusing to enter to the door, full of anger.

I didn't realise I was so upset about the marriage issue until this dream. I've had my legal marriage and I've realised how little it can mean. Marriage is about commitment and love and passion, and these are all the things I have with B2B. We can get married legally and have it recognised in England (as my Bride is pommy) and we've been seriously looking into this.... but I still know that a non-legal Australian marriage means less to some people than a legal marriage. Not to us.

This morning, Bride to be said "I'm coming home to you early today." (I hurt myself playing soccer, but that's another post).
I said, "can you do that?"
She replied that "(Name) went home to his wife when she was injured"
Her emphasis was on the word "his", and that just made me so happy because it implies that I'm hers.

I've struggled with the thought of the term 'wife' as I'm not conditioned to believe in having a wife, but the closer we get to our wedding, the more the term wife seems to make sense. She'll be my wife.

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