Monday, March 30, 2009

Engagement party

It was awesome, so a full report is in order. In point form, I feel.

The day:

* We woke up and I kissed B2B goodbye and went to buy my wedding dress with my friend and her daughters. We had a lovely morning, catching up and gossiping about life.
* I returned home, iced the cakes, chatted to B2B about what needed to be done and then the two of us went to the shops to buy some last minute things, and eat lunch. We were both quite giggly and happy, which surprised me since it was just an engagement party, but we were both just having a lovely day. It felt like a really special day.
* In the afternoon, two of our friends dropped over - with a family member in hospital (emergency) they couldn't come to the party, but dropped food and a present off. We told them they needn't have worried, and were so honoured that they had. Particularly the food - despite the emergency, they'd prepared the food they'd promised
* That pretty much set the tone for it all - we were overwhelmed by the people who brought food like various breads, a vegan black forest cake (yes), chicken wings, salad, appetisers and so on
* The party started at 6.30, but the first guests arrived to assist at about 5.45. I was dressed and putting my makeup on, while B2B was still in her work clothes and finalising the yard. Much giggles about how I got dressed first and was pampering myself
* I wore a pair of very high heels and my feet are still killing me today
* We put one of those digital photo frames out with about 100 photos of the course of our relationship. It was B2B's idea, and I thought it was brilliant. A lot of people came and stood in front of it, and commented on various photos. I am considering doing something like this for the wedding.
* A couple of friends brought a "Happy Engagement" banner over. We put a "y" in it so it read "Happy EngaYgment". Genius idea of mine.
* We put the banner up. B2B went up the ladder as I handed her bluetak. She said "I think we'll need the sticky tape". I started to walk off, she asked where I was going, and I said "to get sticky tape". She laughed and told me it was in my hand. It was. She asked me if I'd been drinking. I hadn't. We were in stitches of laughter, and just in light, happy moods.

The guests have arrived:

* The party went well with appetisers, and then a meal (Spaghetti bolognaise and a vegetarian pasta) with breads, salad and so on
* One of my friends was on call, so had his ambulance out the front. Most people commented on that upon arrival which was funny.

Earth Hour:

* Earth Hour then occured, so we turned all the lights off and sat in candle light which was kind of cool. One of our (early) engagement gifts was ten candle lanterns, so we lit them, along with several other candles around the place.
* During Earth Hour, I made a speech. I didn't drink (much) before the speech as I wanted to be coherent. I was sober, but I don't think I was coherent. I kept going off on tangents. I think it was because there was so much to say and yet, I didn't know what to say.
* I talked about the cake, and how it was my attempt to prove to B2B that I should make our wedding cake, and yet..... we're now buying our wedding cake (but I was complimented on the cake decorating, even though that was the reason I felt we should buy the cake). I also said how I fell for B2B at an engagement party, and months later, decided I wanted to marry her at the beach... and here we were at OUR engagement party and we will be marrying her at that very beach.
* I thanked everyone for coming, told them I appreciated them bringing stuff (and by stuff, I meant food, but the laughter made me think they thought I meant presents, which I didn't. I was just kind of overwhelmed by everyone being so supportive).
* B2B didn't make a speech, due to shyness, but she got her cousin K to speak on her/our behalf. K made a toast, wishing us well and said she loves B2B and she loves me. She said she couldn't imagine two people better suited to one another, which surprised me as K loves one of B2B's exes (who was at the party). When we discussed that later (I'm not sure if I asked or if she explained) she said that came from the heart, and that we are perfectly suited and though she loves the ex, she thinks they were "friends" and the love that B2B & I share is different.
* Later on, K came up to me and told me she loves me equally to her love for B2B, and she's never had that before with a family member's partner. She said she's truly happy for us... and B2B and I had both been talking about having her as MC at the wedding, because she knows us both well, and likes us both. We felt that it would be the appropriate time to ask her and she was truly honoured.
* During Earth Hour, one of the guys got B2B's guitar and started a sing along in a corner

The mood:

* The mood was really relaxed and light, and even though I'd decided not to drink, I changed my mind after Earth Hour finished and brought out the Vodka. It needn't have mattered. Everyone felt I was drunk even though I wasn't.
* All in all, I enjoyed it. Plenty of groups of people mingling. The first part of the night, everyone was standing like a cocktail party, which was really cool. Often at parties people sit and segregate from others, but the first part everyone was really mingling, which made me very happy to see and participate in.
* So many people wished us well. I feel very lucky to have these wonderful people in my life. Some were old friends, some were new friends, and it was just wonderful to feel so happy and have everyone be happy for us. Many people told us so, and that was nice.


* I shared my Vodka around with several people and was surprised that two girls drank it straight. I shouldn't have been surprised, knowing who they are :-D
* I had conversations with B2B's family (including her Mum) about Dyke Drama (another couple, not us. In fact, I told them that I had not yet been privy to this Dyke Drama, but I'd observed enough of it to comment, and would let them know if I was ever part of it).
* Two of B2B's cousins jostled around the pool about to push one another in. B2B decided to take over, and pushed them both in, wetting the phone from the pocket of one of them.

The end:

* I felt that I mingled heaps, got to chat to everyone, and really loved everyone who was there. It really was a light mood.
* As people started leaving, we were left in one smaller group with various interesting conversations.
* We handed a guest book around (well, pieces of paper) and read the messages before bed, and were chuffed by all the well wishes. I spent the next afternoon scrapbooking photos and guest book entries
* I think it was about 3am before bed, after much chatting, dancing, present opening, photograph taking and so on

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