Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shoes, glorious shoes.

The bridesmaid dresses were so easy to buy - I have posted about that, haven't I? If I haven't, I will have to make that my next post... will go check that out later.

Then it became an issue of shoes. My favourite strappy shoes are still available, so I took a photo of them on my camera phone, and sent it to my three bridesmaids. They loved them, so they're buying shoes which I own, which I think is kinda cool! Plus there's a buy one, get one free offer at the moment, so my sister managed to get a great bargain on two of the pairs.

Bride-to-be's three bridesmaids are wearing the same dress as my girls. We're not sure whether they're wearing the same shoes as my girls... they're not fans of heels, so may end up in flat sandals of some kind. We don't care.

We ordered Bride-to-be's ring the other day. It's stunning. A gent's ring, with five small diamonds in it, in white and yellow gold. I just love it. Mine is a stunning diamond setting in white gold, very girly, which is typical of the two of us!

Everything is happening easily and effortlessly at the moment.... and soon, there might even be a post about my dress!

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