Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have ordered the dress

I only wish I had a photo of it... in a couple of weeks, I will.

This is a medium-budget wedding. I've been married before (to the wrong gender) and went all out. My parents paid, it was a fabulous day, and when I forget about who I married, it was a special day which meant a lot to me in terms of being with friends and family. However, I never felt so completely excited about my wedding, like I have this time. I'm just thrilled to be marrying the woman of my dreams. The woman I've lived with for the past few months, and feel very excited to go home to each night. I am so much in love - so much so that I think about our vows on a regular basis, and what I hope to say to her on the big day.

Anyway..... despite all of this, I wanted the perfect dress at a low budget price. How do I do that?

I considered buying a bridesmaid dress in white. I plan to post about that another day, as I still think that's a viable option for a lot of gals. But in the end, I went along to a bridal shop with my sister-in-law-to-be-but-not-legally (who is getting married), bride to be, and a couple of friends. I tried on a dress, and it was perfect. And... $400. That's Australian money, so what... about $300 US? SO good, so within the budget, and I'm SO happy.

I love the dress. It's flattering, stylish, elegant.

What's the issue? You knew there was an issue, right? There's only one - it's a discontinued style... AND it's too small. Now, I'm bigger than I've ever been right now (well, minus the 3 kg I've lost this year... about 6lb) but want to lose about 15kg (30lb) over the next 9 months. That's do-able, and I'm getting healthy. Expect posts about it.

I just emailed the bridal shop to order the gown. More motivation than ever now to lose the weight!

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