Sunday, March 22, 2009

What does a bride do with her hands?!

Recently I've been in a bit of a wedding planning mode. Because sister-in-law-to-be-but-not-legally came over the other night to talk about some of her wedding plans, and that got me thinking.

And I never really understood the whole bridal bouquet thing, and I really didn't want to carry one the first time I got married, but was convinced that you need to do something with your hands... so I did it, and most of my photos have me doing crazy stuff with the bouquet like holding it upside down (deliberately) and being all serious and bridal with it (deliberately).

And so I went googling about what a bride could do with her hands (don't google image THAT!) and discovered there are LOADS of alternatives. Feathers. Lanterns (how lovely!). Lots of options - my favourite is the idea of an Asian fan. But my mother-in-law-to-be-but-not-legally is a florist, so it seems silly (and perhaps an insult) to not have flowers. I think I might get a fan in China anyway as an option for some photos.

And Bride-to-be isn't holding a bouquet. No one seems concerned about what SHE'S going to do with HER hands (Shut up!)

In fact, no one seems concerned about a Groom's hands in a traditional wedding, either. Why is the bouquet so important, then? And I also think that bridesmaid bouquets are unnecessary, but people say "oh, no, what will they do with their hands?" but again - Groomsmen! What are they doing? Are men so controlled with their hands, compared to women, that it's only important that we put something in the hands of the females?

I tried my hand at writing some erotica - not the first time, mind you, but the first time I'm in a competition.

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  1. What a good point! I never thought of it that way!