Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We've talked in great detail about the invitations we want. I have a bit of design know-how, but met with a graphic designer yesterday to have a briefing and get a quote. Without printing, the price is quite high. Reasonable when you consider she's a trained graphic designer, but not reasonable when you consider I know what I'm doing with some graphic products myself. We'd hoped printing would be the most expensive part of our invitations, but it looked like graphic design would be.

So we pondered. And while watching TV last night, I started making a movie, using pictures of the two of us and a small video snippet. A few title pages and suddenly we had a one song invitation on DVD. I showed it to C, who loved it. We have to fix it - change some photos, some transistions, add some new video - but I think this will be our invitation. We'll include the details on the cover so people can take it with them to the venue (and in case some people don't realise it's an invitation!)

Anyone done something like this before? Stories to share? Some you've seen?

I'm also really torn about whether we want a wedding video or not (DVD). I love them, but the cheapest quote we've had is $1300 and we do own a video camera already. I don't know whether to make our own, using our own footage, or get the professionals in. We are having a very personal ceremony, and I don't want to miss a minute of it through the excitement of the day!


  1. That sounds awesome!! Do you have a way of posting it here for us to see?? We promise we won't ALL show up at the wedding!

  2. OMG that's BRILLIANT!

    Damn.. I may have to steal this idea someday. LOL

    I'm with CJ, I'd love to see it! (Though I can't promise I won't show up.) :P

  3. I will definitely have to put it up sometime when it's finished... might just take the identifiers out so you can't turn up ;-)

    Good idea, CJ... will share it some time soon.

    Tina - if you and Jess want a visit to Australia, you're welcome :-D LOL Two of my favourite bloggers at the wedding would be awesome! (Have I ever mentioned your blogs were two of the first LGBT blogs I ever read?)

  4. Really? That's awesome! :D

    Gawd, I wish we could go visit you guys in Australia. That would be too cool. :)