Thursday, July 30, 2009

The veiled bride

I promise this will be the last post about my veil - because I bought it last night!

I had toyed with not wearing one, I'd toyed with wearing one, I'd toyed with making one... but in the end, I decided to slap that $85 AUD down and buy the one I loved - which happened to be the first one in the pictures below (I'd post it again, only I am feeling lazy!).

So I went to bed last night excited that I'll get to wear the kind of veil I truly love. For my first wedding I wore a Cathedral veil for the ceremony - one that goes longer than the dress? I took the Cathedral part off and wore a finger tip veil for the reception. I just love veils, but I knew I didn't want that kind of look this time around.

I'm so excited! It's stupid that I'm so excited about a veil... but even though these kind of veils have made their way around the wedding blogs and are obviously becoming popular, no one I know has ever had one, so I'm excited because I'll be kinda different. In my circle, at least.


  1. I love veil number one, it is going to look stunning on you.

    I had no idea this was you at first until I made the picture larger and could see you more clearly. :)

  2. Oh yep the hair is kinda different, isn't it??! :-)

    Thank you... I'm so excited about it!

  3. We want a pic of you showing it off!!! Congrats!!