Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Bride Runner

Many bridal bloggers mention their weight concerns at some point or other. Here's my point!

I'm still too fat for my gown, and while the boutique lady says she can alter it in a matter of a week or so, I don't really want to do that. Instead, I want to lose weight and manage to fit my gown. This is not just about the dress - it's about health and about the fact that I hate the way I look in photos. I have a double chin and my arms are chubby. My hips and legs are relatively slim, but that hardly matters under a wedding gown! (Why didn't I go for a knee length dress, I wonder). My sister, who was the same size as me (admittedly she's more of a pear) has lost weight and tried my dress on last time she was here, and it actually did up on her. My goal, therefore, is to have it do up on me, just the way it easily zipped up on her.

So this week I commenced the Couch to 5K running plan. I've actually been running! It's pretty amazing, and today I did my work out, felt less hungry and am sitting her typing while my belly feels all taunt and tight. I've also been watching what I've been eating and have lost 3kg (or about 6lb) over the past few weeks. Here's hoping the weight loss continues.

I'm seriously considering the low carb milkshake diet! I've done it before, and in 3 months lost a load of weight. I know, it's not healthy, but gee, wouldn't it be great if I could just lose this weight quickly. We have four and a half months. Is there any other way?!

My girl is lucky. She's wearing a 3/4 sleeve shirt, and when she moans about wanting to lose weight, I tell her to shut it! I love strapless wedding gowns, but having worn one for my first wedding was reluctant to do it again... till she mentioned her vision of me was in a strapless gown. So my gown is strapless, after all, and my shoulders are the envy of a professional football player! Even at my slimmest, I have the broadest shoulders. People assume I'm some kind of Olympic swimmer! I don't want to look like some kind of giant to my partner... but I am taller, and will be wearing heels to her flat shoes.

Moan, moan. I was a skinny little thing til I turned about 23 and ballooned. I just want to be slender for the remainder of my life. I'll never be petite, and I'm happy not to be - in fact, I love my body's strong, muscly frame when I'm not carrying extra kilos, and I just want to be back there.

Anyone lose weight for their big day? Can I do it in four and a half months, I wonder?

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