Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Burlesque. The show for lesbians?

I recommended a Burlesque show I'd heard about to my girl. Two lesbians watching sexy women dancing, what could be more perfect than that?! Turns out my bride isn't so into the sexy women dancing thing, and it struck me that just because we're both gay, it might not make sense that we partake in semi-naked-lady watching together. It would make my girl uncomfortable. Now I should point out that I'm aware that Burlesque isn't the same as stripping, and it's not erotic so much as artistic... but Bride-to-be is unsure about how much nudity would be in a Burlesque show, so we have to investigate it more.

I think it's an ideal show for women, really. Not too much nudity, a bit of a story, but fabulous outfits, music and so on. Classier than a strip show, but still sexy. Of course, I may not be the right person to form an opinion, as I do like the naked (and semi-naked) ladies...

I've always appreciated the naked female form. Before I was married (to a man, mind you) before I was ever out (even to myself), I used to go to strip clubs and watch sexy women dance to trashy music. I even partook in a couple of private dances. I didn't understand why I was "straight" but wanted to watch naked women. It should have been a clue, but then again, so should the magazine purchases I made for my husband on our honeymoon as a gift! In contrast, my girlfriend has never been to a strip club, even though she's Gold Star. She finds it pervy and uncomfortable.

Just after I came out, I went to a strip club to celebrate my coming out. I was already dating my girl, but away for a girl's weekend (no partners) when I asked a bi friend if she wanted to come with me. Being out, I felt it was suddenly ok to look at naked women, where pre-coming out, I felt guilty and like a pervert.

My girl is gorgeous and I don't need naked dancers or models in my life, but sometimes it's a bit of fun. I considered it for our Bachelorette party, but my girl is uncomfortable with that and I don't want to make her uncomfortable.

Anyway, it got me thinking... are you into this kind of thing, or do you think it's pervy and degrading? Or are you simply uncomfortable sitting watching women naked? Is it something you'd feel comfortable doing with a partner... or not? Are you going to stop reading my blog now I've admitted to being a big 'ol pervert? And any other comments welcome!


  1. Personally, I think most strip clubs are a lot of fun. Politically, I think that stripping is what it is, but more women should get involved as patrons and owners to make it what it could be. There is a lot of stuff on the internet about empowered, political, feminist, lesbian and/or sexy sex work. Google Tristan Taormino, Shine Louise Houston, and The Lusty Lady. In DC and Baltimore they have lesbian-only strip nights at some gay and strip clubs featuring butch and femme strippers, I haven't been, but the stories are great!

  2. I don't know if I want strippers or not, but great blog! half my family is gay (sister and dad)-- and I think it's awesome that you're getting married. You go girls.

  3. Bleh to burlesque. We're going to try it again and see if the first show was just bad, but it wasn't fun. I think if you go to a queer-oriented show it can be amazing, but the one we went to was a lot of drunk guys screaming at the girls on stage, who basically got up and did a little dance taking off their clothes--but almost never as sexy as a strip club (and I've been to some super-trashy strip clubs. this wasn't even that good). Just up, dance for 30 seconds, take off your clothes in about 30 more, then off and another girl goes up. It didn't have the artistry I was expecting. Hopefully your experience is better?