Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Our wedding may not be ultra traditional, but Bride-to-be has always pictured somewhat of a traditional wedding. Having been married before myself, I could have quite happily run away somewhere and eloped with just a few witnesses. Actually, I lie. I'm so excited about the day of our dreams.

"Six bridesmaids?!" everyone exclaims. But really, it's three each. My two sisters and a cousin. Bride-to-be's three sisters.

How on earth do you get a dress for six girls of varying sizes? I was panicked.

My sister came to town the other day and I showed her a dress. "I'd love something like this," I said. "It's pretty cheap, attractive, and red!"

Bride-to-be gave it her nod of approval and suddenly four girls had tried it on. Quick text messages and the other two had tried it on.

Now we have a dress!

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