Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The engagement - part two

Though she didn't know I'd bought her ring, my Bride-To-Be asked me to look at rings. I found two I loved - one a pink sapphire and diamond ring, and one a diamond ring. I told her that as I was proposing, I'd just get the ring at the ceremony, and I wanted the diamond one. I loved the sapphire ring, but ultimately if I was just wearing one ring for the rest of my life, my heart was set on the diamond one.

Her ring was delayed. I had anticipated proposing prior to Christmas - at our romantic dinner. But I didn't want to do it without the ring as I knew she'd be so surprised I'd bought it. So I decided I'd do it once we moved into our home in January. I planned a treasure hunt, with the treasure at the end being a proposal. I was being secretive, and it was fun.

On Christmas Day, I received some amazing gifts, but the most amazing of all was a poem asking me to wear her ring. We were apart on Christmas Day, and didn't know for sure whether this was a proposal... after all, I was meant to propose, right? I rang her to ask, and she laughed. "Of course it is" she said. "In that case my answer is of course!" I laughed down the phone. My mum and sister were waiting for me when I returned. "Look at the grin on her face," Mum said.

We were engaged, but not together. So I was dying to pick her up from the airport on New Year's Eve. And as she got off the plane, she was intending on getting down on one knee, but she was nervous, as she hates flying. She looked like a ghost when she'd landed, and went straight to the bathroom. On the way home, she asked me to pull the car over and presented me with a ring... a ring that she'd moved Heaven and Earth to order in less than a week. She had people running all over the shopping centre, jewellers breaking the rules for her and one of her sisters was by her side every step of the way, supporting her decision to surprise me. The pink sapphire and diamond ring! I was amazed.

I told her my proposal plans, and within a week of returning home, the ring I'd ordered for her was available. So I bought that and gave it to her. Here we are now.

Engagement officially announced, plans on the horizon. Photographer picked, venue picked, celebrant (hopefully) picked, flowers won't be a drama (Mum-in-law to be is a florist). We've picked songs (but no DJ yet). No cars needed. What else is required? Dress (painful!), bonboniere, invitations. It just seems so simple... maybe because it's my second time, or maybe because there are two brides....

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