Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The wedding venue

When my sister and brother in law visited, Bride-To-Be and I decided to take them to our wedding destination... a couple of hours away from where we lived. My sister was on the phone to our mother as we drove in to the destination, and I was disappointed. I wanted to see her reaction as we came over the hill and saw the ocean, but she was too busy discussing some point or other that was probably irrelevant.

I wanted to scream "get off the phone!" but I didn't want to look like Bridezilla either. So when she finally got off the phone, she looked around. "Oh, it's lovely" she said.

We took her to the ceremony location, which was already set up for another wedding. We took photos, and Bride-to-be and I went and stood where we'll stand on the day. My sister snapped photos away. It was quite emotional to imagine that in about ten months we'll be there for real!

We went up to the reception spot, too. We loitered around the bar, and finally I got the courage to ask. "I'm having a reception here," I turned to Bride-to-be and gestured. "We're having our reception here... in December. We just wondered if we could run up and have a look at the room all decorated".
"Well, sure," the guy behind the bar said, and I instantly wondered if he were gay himself. "Just take a peek up there - it's stunning!"

So we did, and he was right, it was completely stunning!

"Now," my sister said, "accommodation options!"
We went across the road to the hotel Bride-to-Be and I were keen to stay at. Chatted to the lady, who was lovely and friendly and suggested the Honeymoon suite to us. Gay male couple were in the hotel also investigating prices. "That's a coincidence" I said on the way out.
"Not really," my brother-in-law said. "You've chosen a gay friendly hotel". He showed us a brochure. We didn't know it, but our hotel is a gay friendly travel hotel of some kind. So there you have it.... we didn't even plan to spend our wedding night at a gay friendly resort!

My sister realised she had another question, so went back in. The woman told her that the honeymoon suite had no cooking facilities, and to let us know. "The girls probably won't care," the middle-aged woman behind the counter said. My sister was shocked when the woman added "They won't be eating much... or rather, they'll just be eating each other!"

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