Thursday, February 12, 2009

"We bought the kids' outfits already!"

We've been sending out our versions of "save the dates" - basically a chatty email, telling them that it's in December and therefore close to Christmas... and because we're in Australia, it's Summer, so ... well Summer at the beach.

So we've sent out emails. My mother asked me not to use the term ''wedding'' so I obliged and called it a ceremony. All cool. A bundle of people are keen - even people who I had as "probably nots" on the guest list are coming.

I emailed a friend and she said "we wouldn't miss it" then went on to tell me she's already sorted out outfits for her children.


We had tossed up the idea of inviting children, and had then decided against it. I guess we're now inviting children!

On the one hand, a destination wedding may seem to scream "children should be invited". I was conscious of the fact that seeing two women kissing, dancing and touching one another might mean the kids ask lots of questions. But then I figure that parents bringing children to something like that would be willing to have their children see that. We still haven't decided what to do.


  1. I was 'no kids allowed' at first. But Natalie really wanted kids and it ended up just fine. No harm no foul.

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  3. Sorry, that was me above...wrong log-in :)

    I am so excited to be able to follow along on your wedding journey...soooo exciting!!!