Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"That changes everything"

We've been a little apprehensive about mentioning that it's a "gay wedding" in our inquiry emails. Don't get me wrong - it's not that we're not proud of it. It's just that I fear them writing back "sorry, we are unavailable for your date" and me wondering whether it's because of the gay thing. By telling them afterwards, I get the truth.

I emailed a celebrant about our "ceremony". She replied "I'm unavailable, sorry". Bummer. She'd been recommended to us, so we emailed her back asking if she had any suggestions, given it was a gay ceremony. She replied straight away. "Oh, that changes everything. I will move some things and try to be available". I nearly cried.

When I called her the next day, she explained. She loves gay ceremonies. "The love is so evident. People truly want to be together. I believe gay couples should have every chance" etc. etc. We were just thrilled. It was kind of nice to think that someone was so excited about marrying the two of us.

Chatting to her on the phone was a lovely experience. She's friendly, she's fun, she's a laugh. We had a good rapport (although I'm dying to know if she's gay herself).

Bride-to-be and I hope to meet her soon, to see whether my telephone instincts are correct. A destination wedding means we have to plan these things in advance, but it's certainly not impossible.

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